Translator a good job to work from home

translator a good job to work from home

And that PMs will generally ignore. The meaning will often seem perfectly clear to them. Best regards, Example text for an agency you translate for infrequently Hi XXX Im on your books as a XX to YY freelance translator Ive had a few jobs from your company this year. The reviewer said its excellent. I look forward to working with you again then. This is what we suggest: How to counteract the negative impact from a translation mistake your 7 point checklist. Here is some possible wording: This will give me time for a full review as per normal Rest assured I wont take shortcuts, and my translation will be to my normal high standard I wont skimp. Career prospects You may start your career working as an in-house translator for a translation agency or company and could then move to a more managerial in-house role or to freelance work. Apologise It sounds basic, but sometimes a translator will say yes its their mistake, then not apologise. Watch introductory course tutorials Search for phrases like basics, beginners, introductory, introduction to, for dummies, etc:.

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You might have done only modest volume, and whos to say your quality was any good? Alternatively you can quickly tidy things up and potentially earn some brownie points with your. Why this approach should save your bacon and could even work in your favour How you handle the situation will generally have much more impact for you than the missing of the deadline itself. That might involve an Internet search, reviewing related information, seeking the opinion of colleagues. Thats amounted to about XXX words to date, primarily type of texts, and they have frequently expressed their appreciation of the quality of my translations.

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Theyre constantly trying to figure out if theyll do a good job, and if theyll be easy to deal with. You'll probably need to do other translator a good job to work from home part-time work until you have built up sufficient clients and contacts. This work averages approximately XX projects and YY words per month. In fact, the agency will expect you to. Think what goes through a Project Managers mind when using a translator for the first time: I hope this new translator works out well. If not, the more warning they have the better. Gain specialist language skills for a variety of industries. Well, Id recommend you also flag the issue to your. In that sense every contact you have with the agency (or any client for that matter) is marketing. Its always great to have the time to do the research and a thorough review. And that can bring you big rewards Why this strategy can be so effective in netting you future jobs Agency project managers are constantly choosing between potential translators for their jobs.

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Secondly youre reminding people of your services in a natural, non-pushy way. Convey your professionalism This is the key, where you get the real traction. 1-800-translate This company requires freelance translators and on-site interpreters. And please tell him I really enjoy working with him he always explains everything so clearly that working with him is real easy. I work with a colleague and we cross-check each others translations, so you have a built in peer review process when you use my services. Possible wording for your feedback request Here are 3 sample e-mails we think would do the trick: Hi XXX. Possible reaction: So none of them rate you highly enough to keep you busy? Just what they want. It generally requires that you speak the destination language like a native. Just do your job! Id love the opportunity to work with you again when I get back, as I currently have some spare capacity.

Back in Germany, I learnt, french and. PMs really hate nasty last minute surprises. . You can get more freelance translation work by turning down certain jobs. The right way to query unclear meaning in a translation project your 5-point checklist. It lasts for five months and translator a good job to work from home you will receive a grant of around 1,159 Euros per month. Become a formatting expert and the agencies will love you. Its a lot more palatable for the agency to have to go back to the client early, rather than at the last minute.

translator a good job to work from home

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Point out errors in the text youre translating itll earn you brownie points. For that to happen your request must be seen to be genuine, it cant be formulaic. How to flag a translation difficulty on a job to the agency the 3 key essentials. Develop a personal relationship with your translation project managers Now I dont mean becoming best buddies and going out partying together. So you should do exactly this for your PM spell out precisely what the alternative interpretations are. The agency will appreciate you handled things responsibly and professionally, and above all didnt rush and end up delivering a substandard job.

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It requires a bachelors degree plus at least two years translation experience, as well as email access and basic software. For more significant errors I suggest mentioning/listing them in an e-mail. If you believe you can do that, then start bidding on translation projects and get paid with an average of 200 per project depending on the size and nature of your work. Tell the agency what youre going to do to avoid the same thing happening again, and reiterate your commitment to high standards. I love the 80/20 rule. The agency might make the decision themselves. What to expect, expect to work to an average daily output of 2,000 to 3,000 words. With a bit of discipline and a minimal amount of extra time spent in having another look, you can cut right down on these basic mistakes. Some clients are not the easiest to deal with, and can get antagonistic. And if you wish, they will send you the One Hour Translation MasterCard which you can use to withdraw your earnings directly to it, anywhere in the world. When you consider what you potentially have to gain from doing it, it has to be worth the fairly minor effort involved.

You can register for work, and then you bid on translation jobs which are posted online. A clean simple look is best. Say youre open to other alternatives This covers you if someone reviewing your translation is adamant an alternative strategy or wording is better. I wouldnt want to let you down by rushing, and with the extra day I could guarantee a high quality translation. Theyll feel they know you a little. It personalizes your e-mail and is the key to getting it taken seriously. Thanks for sending it. Its pretty obvious project managers will prefer to assign jobs to translators who they know will deliver well formatted and presented work. You can work anytime and from anywhere, but beware that tasks are given on a first come first served basis. Bureau of Labor Statistics, the median pay for translators in 2014 was 43,590 per year, which translate (no pun intended).96 per hour.

Its sound risk management for your business to forewarn your PM that others might see things differently. Having a conversation in person is the most powerful thing you can do to build up those positive associations. Thats not going to help your chances of getting future work from them, and could even see you transferred to their Do not use list. You have qualifications, work experience and solid translation volume in your specialist field: I am a qualified XX and worked for XX years in this field. Administrative experience is also helpful. Do this and you could come out with the agency having an even higher regard for you than previously. After you accept a job, you can download the document(s translate them, and upload the translations. Make it clear youre not just a run-of-the-mill translator youre an experienced, quality-focused expert who will bring benefit to their company.

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Of course you need to be careful how you go about it and make sure you do it the right way. Full Time Jobs, skills, languages, top Translation Community Articles, this is an article on protecting fresh translator a good job to work from home freelancers from frauds. It also confirms youre a pro. The agency will get the message of how beneficial you can be to them, which should see them offering you an increased number of their translation jobs going forward. Dont use wording that could be perceived as standardized and formulaic and so not genuine. And thats a perfect opportunity to meet your PM and get to know him/her a little. Plus youll have the surprise factor working for you. Select whichever one suits you best. Dont do it though and you risk creating confusion, and that wont help your reputation as someone who is onto it and easy to deal with. Good agencies and project managers understand this.