How to claim bitcoin cash from blockchain wallet

how to claim bitcoin cash from blockchain wallet

While some wallets supported the currency from the get-go, others decided against it because of concerns about confusing customers and a lack of technical resources to integrate the new cryptocurrecy. I approached, and their reply was the following and I" them word for word. Update, August 7: More exchanges are opening up BCH trade and deposits, including (but not limited to) Bitfinex, Kraken, Changelly and Shapeshift. For instance, if you originally used Electrum to hold your Bitcoins, you can click Wallet Private Keys export to save them as a list in CSV format. Make sure only to paste the private keys. And in part because the situation weizmann forex card quora is still developing, even this article may contain accidental errors. Theres one big caveat, however: the service only works for specific wallets. Make sure that you're using a separate computer or virtual machine to the one where your Bitcoin wallets are located.

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This is why its probably best to move your BTC to a new address or even a whole new wallet with a new wallet seed before you start meddling with BCH. This makes it very lightweight as it doesn't have to download its own copy. And those funds are looking increasingly worth retrieving. However, Electrum itself has issued an official warning concerning Electron Cash. You can use your backup phrase to restore your funds in any other HD-compatible (BIP39/BIP44) bitcoin wallet. ) Wait for transactions to confirm and balance to display correctly in your other wallet or exchange.

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If BCH becomes somewhat of a success over time, this will probably change. And if you were using the m wallet, you should also have access to your BCH. Update: Trezor has removed BCH for now, due to a bug in their Bitcoin Cash backend server. Update: This issue is now fixed. Bitcoin, cash (sometimes referred to as Bcash, and mostly using the tickers BCH or BCC) launched today.

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Cash, you'll need to provide the "Electron. Here, you can find, per option, how to access your BCH. In this case, youll have to figure out for yourself whether this is the case or not, and how to. (Additionally, if you move your BTC to one of how to claim bitcoin cash from blockchain wallet your own addresses before touching BCH, you reduce the risk of replay attacks but as mentioned, if all goes well this shouldnt be a factor in the first place.) So, to Recap. But actually being able to claim them may differ a bit from wallet to wallet. See the above section on paper wallets for more details. Export private keys Now that your old wallet software is empty, you will need a list of any private keys it previously used. Furthermore, some Bitcoin Cash full node wallet software, like Bitcoin ABC, conflict with Bitcoin software, such as Bitcoin Core. Last updated: August 21, take Your Time, the good news is that, if everything went according to plan, Bitcoin, cash enforces strong replay protection.

Therefore, you are going to want to take your time and make sure you understand what you are doing well enough to do it without exposing your private keys. As soon as it starts click on the 'Receive' tab and find a valid address for this wallet where you can receive coins.g. BCash is a separate hard fork of bitcoin and doesnt have any real impact on bitcoin itself. At the time of writing that article, much was still uncertain about how this event would play out. As such, you'll need to move your existing Bitcoins (BTC) to a safe place first. Thats why we have developed this designated recovery tool, to make the process easy and seamless for everyone. Bitcoin (BTC blockchain to create a new cryptocurrency named ".

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Just like any other (alt)coin, you could for example sell it how to claim bitcoin cash from blockchain wallet for BTC, or perhaps spend it somewhere, or move it to another wallet, etcetera. Binary code image via Shutterstock). Click on Next to choose to auto connect, then on next again to create a default wallet. That way, even if the Electron Cash wallet manages to steal your private keys, or the computer you use is insecure, the damage should be limited: these Bitcoin private keys wont hold any BTC anymore. Electrum will ask for this each time you start the program the first time and want to send a transaction. This worked for me and I hope it works for you. If it sounds complex,. However, note that this wallet recommends using Electron Cash, which is not guaranteed to be secure. Click Next then (optionally) set a password for your wallet. Download Electrum, in order to redeem your, bitcoin.

Anyone who held bitcoin at 12:20.m. If you are not exactly a beginner, there is one alternative option. You can access your wallet on various computer using your seed, a series of twelve random dictionary words. This means that whenever you spend your BCH (for example, to send them to an exchange you do not only reveal your BCH addresses but also your BTC addresses. I just felt I needed to share this info with everyone out there that has yet to claim their Bitcoin Cash. Bitcoin, cash launch, we explained how to secure your private keys so you could be sure to access your BCH.

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You can use websites such as Blockchain to check the number of confirmations (wait for at least 6). (But dont lose your old private keys or seed: these still hold your BCH!). Your BTC is now safe. Click More Information then Disregard and Continue. This includes instructions for full node wallets. At press time, bitcoin cash is valued at 506, according to CoinMarketCap.

(There may be more privacy-friendly options to trade your BCH available in the near future, but these arent ready yet.) The second factor is mostly theoretical at this point, but worth mentioning nonetheless: security. It is therefore best to move your BTC to a new address. The specific steps to do this will vary from wallet to wallet. You almost certainly stand to lose much more from losing your BTC than you stand to gain from, say, selling your BCH fast. While they look (and technically are) the same, the two networks are fundamentally incompatible.

Likewise, if you want to hold on to your BCH long-term, you also dont need to do anything right now. Open your original wallet and send all your Bitcoins to this new address. This means you shouldn't be able to accidentally spend your BTC when you mean to spend BCH, or vice versa. Its probably best to just wait until this is the case. The servers for BTC and BCC are grouped by a branch. In our beginners guide to surviving the BIP 148 split, which was subsequently updated to also cover the. Bitcoin addresses that stored your bitcoins at time of the split. Users who werent able to claim their bitcoin cash in the wake of this months hard fork now have a better chance of retrieving their lost funds. Much is still uncertain, but to the extent that the situation can be understood at present, this article explains how you can claim and potentially use your BCH. That said, if you do choose to opt for this solution (at your own risk! Click Next once you've done this and retype your seed into the box to confirm you have it noted correctly.

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To put it simply, when bitcoin cash split from the bitcoin blockchain, anyone who owned bitcoin as the two networks parted ways were suddenly allocated an equal amount of bitcoin cash. Ledger has published a blog post explaining how to access your BCH, which you can find here. This means you now hold BTC as well as BCH. This will not impact your actual bitcoin balance in how to claim bitcoin cash from blockchain wallet any way. This is not strictly necessary, but your future self may thank you if you do it regardless. In the box below paste any private keys used by your original Bitcoin wallet. Paper Wallet Our second recommendation was to use a paper wallet. This phrase essentially holds your BTC private keys, and therefore also your BCH private keys. At time of writing, HitBTC and ViaBTC do allow this, but we are not comfortable recommending either of these services for now. By, nate Drake, how To, how to claim, bitcoin. But if you want to access your BCH, of course you can do this right away.

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As the value of the. Cash " wallet with the existing private keys to your Bitcoin Wallet. I've been looking for a safe way to claim my, bitcoin, cash. As such, if you dont care about BCH at all right now, you dont need to do a thing. As your old Bitcoin wallet is empty and you're how to claim bitcoin cash from blockchain wallet using a separate machine, the risk is minimal. The third hardware wallet, Digital Bitbox, has published an FAQ on how to access your BCH.

Instead, its best to install it on a completely different computer. It's probably best to wait until a more established exchange enables BCH deposits, and use this instead. In this guide we will explore firstly how to move your existing Bitcoins to a safe place using the excellent, lightweight 'Electrum' wallet software. Standard Wallet is probably the easiest. If you are a Windows user choose the 'Portable' version of Electrum. Update, August 8: We have not yet received or seen any reports of problems.

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) Completely uninstall Electron Cash and remove all associated files. The setup process is very similar to the Electrum wallet. Don't worry, your funds are secure. (I selected the BIP39 option). Once you how to claim bitcoin cash from blockchain wallet know what youre doing, move your BCH either to a new address or wallet that you control, or perhaps to an exchange to sell, or whatever it is you want to do with your free money. There is no guarantee you will actually receive BTC after you've sold your BCH on these platforms, and possibly little repercussion if you don't. This is a big risk, and we recommend against using it for now. If you used a Bitcoin Paper wallet originally to hold your coins the private key is the long series of digits and numbers along the front. See our guide on running Windows 10 in a Virtual Machine.

Hardware Wallet Our third recommendation was to use a hardware wallet, as listed on Once youve done this, you should be able to import this backup into a Bitcoin Cash full node, like Bitcoin ABC. It is on this computer that you can import your wallet backup and have access to your BCH. Update, August 21: Both Coinomi and m how to claim bitcoin cash from blockchain wallet have published blog posts explaining how to access your BCH through these wallets, even if you were using different wallets on August 1st. After the longest time since the August 1st chain split where. You should now have both your Bitcoin Bitcoin Cash stored safely.