Top people to follow on tradeview cryptocurrency trading

top people to follow on tradeview cryptocurrency trading

During his Senior year in university, Eric placed in the Top 15 1 in Texas) for the CME Groups annual trading competition. Barry is another influential figure in cryptoworld and he's a well known crypto-investor. The third is more general places like news websites or forums. Cryptocurrency trading may not be suitable for all users of this website. Nick Szabo, nick is a computer scientist and cryptographer best known for his concept in smart contracts, relation with Ethereum. Paul Puey paullinator) Founder CEO of Airbitz. M Where To Follow: Day Trader Nik Bio Coming Soon! Jonathan Levin jony_levin) Ex-CEO of Coinometrics. He is an early investor in Ethereum and a best-selling author of books "Mastering Bitcoin "The Internet of Money" (two volumes) "Mastering Ethereum". @staticinstance StaticInstance keeps eye on what goes on in crypto world and regularly resteems useful and relevant content as well as writes his own thoughts! Really enjoyed his thoughts and explanations. Give him a follow.

The Top 25 Cryptocurrency Traders to Follow

This is a Must Follow. As a self described crypto day trader Philakone popped up on our radar after making some big calls that many thought were foolish at the time. WhalePanda also tracks side projects and niche innovations before they hit more mainstream radar. Don Tapscott, don Tapscott is an expert in blockchain technologies and author of the book "Blockchain Revolution that I am planning to read very soon - /eYt7IUD. He has shown that hes willing to listen to new ideas, sometimes responding to DMs from Developers/teams.

top people to follow on tradeview cryptocurrency trading

Nejc Kodri nejc_kodric) Co-founder CEO of Bitstamp. He's an influential thinker, must follow. You need some help to find out about breaking news, upcoming events and hear the real stories of what's happening in Bitcoin, cryptocurrency world. We know there are some great traders that we missed (list is not complete) we are searching high and low for the best traders out to give our readers resources to follow to improve their knowledge. Where to Follow: @CryptoSqueeze, nic Trades, nic provides analysis covering Financial Futures and Foreign Exchange (FX) at ForexAnalytix. Fred Ehrsam FEhrsam) Co-founder of Coinbase. @jrcornel JrCornel is a stock trader and have been writing quite a bit about news in cryptocurrency world. Must follow, has already more than 8,000 followers. Kukoin You can Join Kukoin by Clicking The Link Below Join Kukoin Here Disclaimer: The information provided on this website does not constitute investment advice, financial advice, trading advice or any other sort of advice and you should.

How good are the analysis on tradeview?

They say he who laughs last, laughs best. He has 18K subscribers at the time of writing. Crypto Bully has been around the crypto scene for some time now, and was a participant in the Dragonchain ICO. This is definitely an account to follow! CryptoYoda CryptoYoda is a smart technical analyst who has very useful articles on coin markets and news.

In a very short time he has achieved huge following. His course is expensive (2K/mo but he's very thorough. Eric additionally received a Business Foundations Certificate from the Bauer College of Business during this time. This is a list of crypto daytraders on Twitter who are very succesful and share their knowledge on how they. Also consider that with over 800 crypto-assets out there, you need some leverage and wisdom! Where to Follow: Zissou, crypto de Medici. Nic runs a strategy group on Facebook to teach a simple trend following strategy and technical analysis to investors using real time live examples. Levine GamerAndy) Editor-in-Chief of LetsTalkBitcoin Kyle Torpey kyletorpey) Writer at InsideBitcoins Jean-Pierre Buntinx jdebunt) Founder of m Serge Schouterden SergioSchout) Founder of m Ofir Beigel ofirbeigel) Blogger at 99Bitcoins Sean Wince SeanWince) Writer at CoinBrief Yashu Gola whoisyashu) Writer.

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Ryan Peterson RyanPeterson41) Co-founder of top people to follow on tradeview cryptocurrency trading Honeybadgr. You'll get both news as well as in depth researches. Tip: Follow accounts on any coins/tokens or exchanges you are using Not an expert per say, but it makes sense if you are buying some coins or using some exchanges, that you know what's happening in that market. @steempower SteemPower is sharing the news that happen around BitShares and some other news. Now because I wanted to find more trusted sources to crosscheck my thinking with, I decided to make this article. Insights are delivered with a fair amount of wit and humor, as well.

top people to follow on tradeview cryptocurrency trading

Top Blockchain and Cryptocurrency Experts

@KingsCrown KingsCrown writes top people to follow on tradeview cryptocurrency trading a lot about happenings in the cryptos, I really enjoy his quick and informative updates! Moran seanrmoran) Product at Circle Melissa Volkmann mvlkm) Design Ninja HashRabbit Elliot Lee intelliot) Developer Product Manager at Kraken Andrew Wagner TheAndrewWagner) Director of PR at Bitcoin Co-op Kate Ambash kambash) Community Manager at ChangeTip Victoria van Eyk victoriavaneyk) VP Community. Brian Armstrong brian_armstrong) Co-founder CEO of Coinbase. Tim Ferris did a super nice podcast with him and Naval Ravikant, that I do recommend you to listen to -. Where to Follow: Donny Crypto What kind of list would this be if we had The Wolf of Wall. Where to Follow: Crypto Bully Crypto Bullys profile lists his real world job as a Corporate attorney who has an interest in cryptocurrencies.

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He has close to 73K twitter followers. Following them will really help you in your trades and can make you some good money. 2018s Top 25 Traders, whalePanda, dont let the name fool you: WhalePandas wisdom on cryptocurrencies and the people and politics that surround them is second to none, as the pseudonymous Twitter accounts 130,000 followers can attest. This is a great follow and definitely one to watch and see if he can continue his past trading success. . I knew I wanted to start investing, but I didn't want to make stupid mistakes, since I didn't have as much money. Nicolas Cary niccary) Co-Founder CEO. But, they turned out to be spot. . Chris Shepherd cshphrd) CEO of HashRabbit. Josh and Brian collaborate on making podcast together on LedgerStatus. Matt Slater MattSlater91) Co-Founder of Hedgy. Teeka Tiwari - Palm Beach Confidential This is an honorary mention. Muneeb Ali muneeb) Co-founder CTO of Onename.

Only top people to follow on tradeview cryptocurrency trading invest money which you are willing to lose. This is important, because you can save so much time money in this way! Cryptocurrency crypto money steemit blog. M/ - The LTB Network provides a tokenized platform for podcasts, articles, and forums about the ideas, people, and projects building the new digital economy and the future of money. Srinivasan balajis) General Partner at Andreesen Horowitz Chris Dixon cdixon) General Partner at Andreessen Horowitz Joel Monegro jmonegro) Investment Team at Union Square Ventures Eddy Travia startupeddy) Co-founder of Seedcoin Cameron Winklevoss winklevoss) Principal of Winklevoss Capital Tyler Winklevoss tylerwinklevoss). Logged Come-from-Beyond I don't see @adam3us (Adam Back, creator of Bitcoin's PoW) and @eMunie_Currency (Dan Hughes, creator of eMunie). He doesnt rely solely on TA and understands that the market is largely driven by human behavior which is what I base most of my trades.

So they know you came through. Tony Gallippi tonygallippi) Co-founder Executive Chairman of BitPay. Check Reddit (Reddit has the most vibrant community) - m/r/Bitcoin/ - m/r/CryptoCurrency/ BitCoin Forum - https bitcointalk. Aaron Williams aaronwwwilliams) Founder of Atlanta Bitcoin. It's just too easy to create new coins and ICO's, extra caution is advisable. Luis Buenaventura helloluis) Co-founder of, dave Shin paywise_org) Founder of PayWise Limited. DO NOT invest ALL your money IN cryptocurrencies. Antonopoulos, andreas was the name I saw the most repeated in crypto world. Its a collection of resources, fundamental and technical analysis, and stories on all things crypto. Hody SHodyEsq) Attorney at Coinbase Altcoin Team Leads Charlie Lee satoshilite) Creator of Litecoin Jackson Palmer ummjackson) Creator of Dogecoin Ross Nicoll JRossNicoll) Dogecoin Developer Vitalik Buterin vitalikbuterin) Creator of Ethereum Anthony Di Iorio diiorioanthony) Founder of Ethereum Joel Dietz.

10 of the Most Influential People

Do conduct your own due diligence and top people to follow on tradeview cryptocurrency trading consult your financial advisory before making any investment decision. Hedge Fund Manager may be new to Twitter, but hes definitely not new to trading. . Warren Paul Anderson warpaul) Co-founder Head of Product of Hedgy. David showed up on our radar after some excellent contrarian calls that benefitted his followers quite a bit. . Where To Follow: @ cryptodemedici Philakone This Canadian knows his Crypto. Afterwards I also bought and read his book "BlockChain: Trust Companies" - /cr9D7PQ His unique point is that he explains how blockchain could be used in future as well as dives into the history of money and financial structures.

He's also a speaker and has a lot of amazing videos. As a professional trader at a Top 3 Firm (Retail Institutional) @AltcoinAdvisory boasted one of the top returns on the Street for years running before leaving it all to pursue his belief in the future applications of blockchain technology. I will follow them with my account! @intelliguy Intelliguy posts every 2-3 days but whenever he posts he writes a great posts about Steem top people to follow on tradeview cryptocurrency trading coin itself or happenings in cryptos. Whenever you start out in the new field, it's important to find trusted experts or influencers first. On a serious note, The Don knows cryptocurrencies. Keep an eye. Although that doesnt really have to do with anything we mentioned previously. Crypto de Medici is a great follow because of his philosophical approach to investing.

Like @AltcoinAdvisory Nic Trades brings market knowledge as a former/current professional stock/commodity/Forex trader. Market commentary, good insight and solid memes. There are my top picks so far, feel free to add some more people to follow! Philakone is well versed in RSI, Elliot Wave signals and scalping trading strategies. . George Samman sammantic) Co-founder COO of BTC. @boxmining BoxMining is making quite a bit of videos on dtube about daily happenings in cryptocurrencies. Charlie Shrem CharlieShrem) Cofounder and Former CEO of BitInstant. Here is the link from article, which sums up around 200 accounts of different exchanges, coins, influencers, journalists etc - Who Are The CryptoCurrency Experts Influencers To Follow On SteemIt? Where to find: The Wolf, this professional cryptocurrency trader is known only as The Wolf of Poloniex, but his (or her) solid advice and go get em attitude has built a 55,000 Twitter following and a community at The Wolfs trading. He lives, eats, sleeps and breathes crypto. Brian Krogsgard (LedgerSatus) Ledger Status is a site for blockchain and cryptocurrency enthusiasts. Elective-stereophonic elective-stereophonic, top Cryptocurrency People You Should Absolutely Follow on Twitter « previous next pages: 1, author Topic: Top Cryptocurrency People You Should Absolutely Follow on Twitter (Read 4579 times) capodieci, if can be of any use.

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The more I learned, the more I started understanding which people are valuable to listen to and who are just creating noise. @crypt0 - Omar Omar has an established channel where he talks about happenings in cryptoworld with more than 68K subscribers and strong SteemIt account. Give this man a follow m, where to Follow: @CryptoChoe, zissou, zissou is a reference to the main character of The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou (an excellent Wes Anderson film) Zeus Zissou is quite the trader. This approach has always been his key to rapid learning. Emin Gün Sirer Emin is a hacker and professor at Cornell. I started learning about cryptocurrencies on November, 2017 (one month ago as of writing). Ben Davenport bendavenport) Co-founder Chief Product Officer of BitGo. We hope this helps you gain knowledge and insight into the cryptocurrency markets! Though I would consider Medici more of an investor than speculator because of his philosophy he is worth his weight in gold to follow. He doesn't have much public top people to follow on tradeview cryptocurrency trading content, but just Google him about crypto advice on Reddit and Bitcoin forum, you'll see - m/authors/teeka-tiwari.