International trade strategy ppt

international trade strategy ppt

For instance, A dollar can be exchange with. The US textiles moved to central America. It was later refined.S.Mill, Marshall, Taussig and others. Global efficiency and effectiveness can be increased by buku forex terbaik trading. Now customize the name of a clipboard to store your clips. In the table given below two countries India and Japan are two countries having advantage in producing the pens and tape recorder. Advantages of Globalization Free flow of capital Free flow of technology Increase in industrialization Spread up of production facilities throughout the globe Balanced development of world economies. The mercantilism theory suggests for maintaining favorable balance of trade in the form of import of gold for export of goods and services. For example India Globalization and liberalization approach toward economy 6) The new economy, a characteristic feature of the present century, itself demands trading across the globe. In Japan one day of labor can produce 20 pens or 6 audio recorder. Global labor productivity and other resources productivity can be maximized.

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2) The most recent changes of gaat are stimulating increased world trade. Off shore venture capital fund can use automatic route subject to sebi regulations. Technological change Declining Trade and Investment Barriers After the formation of WTO, many talks were scheduled to cutting tariffs on industrial goods, services and agricultural products, phasing out subsidies to agricultural producers; reducing barriers to cross border investment and limiting the use of antidumping laws. Natural Advantage natural advantage is due to climatic conditions and natural resources. Offer consumer new choices. Trade of a commodity can be executed due to this reasons.

It is important to note that to push too far the view that national markets are giving way to the global market. It spells out the conditions and duration of the agreement, and the method of computing management fees. Thus colonies were prevented from manufacturing. Domestic Business Basis International business Domestic business Payment Mostly in foreign currency In domestic currency Laws and rules Subject to international international trade strategy ppt laws and regulations Subject to national rules and regulations Custom Tradition s Different custom and traditions Same custom. Value of international trade in services grew robustly. Dispersing with the bureaucratic rules and regulation which caused delays and created hurdles for the FDI Allowing the MNCs to use trade marks in India with effect from May14,1992. Measures towards Globalization Replacement of fera with fema Permitting Indian companies to collaborate with foreign companies in the form of joint venture.

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New investment in property Participation in joint venture with a local partner. Criticism of theory Two countries Transportation cost Two products Full employment Economic efficiency Division of gains Mobility servies. The Dutch /UK firm shell has huge assets and three fifth of these are located overseas. Labor is perfectly mobile within the country not outside. Types of Exchange rate The followings international trade strategy ppt are the types of exchange rate regime Flexible or Floating Exchange Rate Regime Managed Floating Exchange Rate Regime Fixed or Pegged Exchange Rate Regime Other things that should keep in mind: Appreciation is the. Explanation The law of comparative advantage indicates that a commodity should specialize in the production of those goods in which it is more efficient and leave the production of the other commodity to the other country.

It is also argued that lower labor cost need not be a source of comparative advantage. Terms of Trade A countrys terms of trade measures a countrys export prices in relation to its import prices, and is expressed as: When the terms of trade rise above 100 they are said to be improving. Product life cycle theory Raymond Vermon of the Harvard Business school developed the Product Life cycle theory. From the above example it is evident that Portugal has an absolute superiority of production. Assumption of the theory Trade is between two countries only Only two commodities are traded Free trade exists between the countries The only element cost of production is labor.

Click to allow Flash, loading. By offering the same basic product world wide they help to create a international trade strategy ppt global market. The saved labor hours can be used for the production of more audio recorder by Japan and pens by India. Globalization of markets: refers to the merging of historically distinct and separate national markets into one huge global marketplace. The average yearly outflow of FDI increased from 25 billion in 1975 to a record.3trillion. Many countries have also been progressively removing restrictions to FDI. 100 priceImportofIndex priceExportofIndex Tradeoferms. Trade openness Trade openness is a measure of the value of total trade (export import) as a percentage of GDP. If domestic sales and export do not generate sufficient cash flow, the company naturally might look to overseas manufacturing plants and sales branches to generate higher sales and better cash flow. One of the major market regulations pertaining to FIIs involves placing limits on FII ownership in Indian companies. It helped Japan for positive the.

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Under the new agreement, tariffs would be reduced world wide by 38and in some cases, international trade strategy ppt eliminated completely. Thus according to the comparative cost theory free and unrestricted trade among countries encourage specialization on a large scale. Revealed Comparative Advantage (RCA) The Balassa index considers revealed comparative advantage with respect to total world trade. Absolute Cost Advantage Theory Adam smith, the Scottish economist viewed free trade enables to country to produce a variety of goods and services. According the UN some 94 of the 1885 changes made worldwide between 19 in the laws governing FDI created a more favorable environment. In total at least 61000 parent cos. By importing the raw material from and exporting the finished goods to colonies.

The top mgt of the international trade strategy ppt company makes the decision relating to export and the marketing personnel of the company monitor the export operations with the help of export department. Infact it is like a revolution in case of telecommunication, information technology and transportation technology. Global Strategic Rivalry Theory International trade takes place between/among companies based on relative competitive advantage but not countries competitive advantage. The rationale is very clear for such kind of trade. RCA Explaination(Continued) product code Total Export Value of Knitwear of BD (Eij) Total export of BD (Ej) World Export of Knitwear (Eiw) world total export of all goods (Ew) RCA.16.99 223.37 17974.40.17 A comparative advantage is revealed if RCA. Lecture 1: Introduction to, international, trade, upcoming SlideShare. International product life cycle theory traces the roles of innovation market expansion comparative advantage and strategic response of global rivals in international manufacturing trade and investment decision. Company begins to carryout its own manufacturing, marketing sales in the foreign markets. At this stage the managers are expected to perform the tasks which they were doing in domestic markets to replicate them in foreign markets. The theory specifies that countries should export more than they import and receive the value of trade surplus in the form of gold from those countries which experience trade deficit.

It can give an indication of the degree to which an economy is open to trade. Smith proposes the theory of absolute cost advantage theory of international trade based on the principle of division of labor. International, trade, trade, barrier Imperfect Competition, trade, body, Trade, law and Product introduction World Apparel Market and BDG RMG Sector Market and Demand Analysis World Market analysis and Potentialities Introduction to Marketing and Export Promotion Communication. Movement of goods and services among these countries is easy as all trade barriers have been removed. It will concentrate on the production of wine in which it has comparative advantage over England, while importing cloth from international trade strategy ppt England which has a comparative advantage in cloth production. In India one day of labor can produce either 60 pens or 2 tape recorders. The headquarter co- ordinates the activities of each subsidiary which function like an independent and autonomous co in carrying out managerial practices like strategy formulation, product design HR policy formulation etc. For 2nd Reasons -.